Beautiful picture of myself

Mattias Haberbusch

Solution Architect, Team-Lead, Full-Stack Developer, Biker, Gamer and Soletti-Eater

About Me

Hi, my name is Mattias Haberbusch, born, raised and living in Vienna. Regardless of my position in a company, I love to work together with other smart people and try out new stuff and refactor old code base. Always having two eyes on Clean Code, KISS and YAGNI principles.

Basic Information

Vienna, Austria
German and English
Driving license
A, B, C and CE

Professional Skills

  • Javascript
  • Vue.js / Nuxt.js
  • HTML
  • Webpack / Vite
  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • SQL / NoSQL
  • REST
  • K8s
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Scrum / Kanban
  • Kibana / Grafana / Micrometer / Prometheus

Work Experience

05/2022 - Present
Solution Architect

Moved into the role of an architect, or what a colleague of mine likes to say to the question, "What is Mattias doing now?" "The same as he did the last 4 years, Developing, Checking code, Reviewing the architecture, Setting standards and guidelines, Talking to other teams, checking their code and interfaces, Pushing code, Leading and guiding the developers"

02/2020 - 04/2022
Team Lead - Web Technology

Creating a team with cool and motivated people, which like to gain experience and grow with the product. Starting from 6 people at the beginning, moving down to 2 and get in the end to 11 amazing junior/senior developers

11/2016 - 01/2020
Fullstack Developer

Taking over Merkurmarkt Onlineshop from an external agency based on Angular.JS, Play, Scala, Java, SBT, Gitlab, TeamCity, Docker as well as using other 3rd party systems like Commercertools (PIM), WASL (CMS), etc.

Starting a Custom-Label Solution for the stakeholders of the REWE Group like Billa, Billa Plus, Penny as well as brands like Clever, etc. to provide a platform for their website to maintain content as well as enabling e-Commerce functionality for Austria and CEE countries. This project is based on Vue/Nuxt using Vuetify and tested with Cypress.IO communicating with a gateway using Spring Boot, written in Java and hosted in an On-Prem K8s Cluster.

Active Solution AG / Cellent AG
03/2016 - 10/2016
Fullstack Developer

Working at AGES on a platform based on Oracle JSF/JSP

Fullstack Developer

Hunting the dream of working at a famous motorcycle company in austria, to work with .NET, Razor and TelerikUI

11/2013 - 02/2016
Fullstack Developer

Upgrading LDAP to Microsoft AD including a Self-Service Application with Angular.JS, Spring Boot, SVN, Maven and Oracle DB

Austrian National Bank
07/2013 - 09/2013, 07/2012 - 08/2012
Internship / DevOps

Migrating OAuth platforms and refreshing Design

C-Tech HandelsgmbH
01/2011 - 09/2015
System-/ Network-Administrator

Maintenance of network and other IT services

Erste Bank AG
Internship / Risk Analyzer

Enterprise Wide Risk Management - Evaluating total assets vs risk portfolio of clients

Post AG
07/2010, 08/2011
Internship / Deliverer

Delivering of envelopes and packages for more than 500 households

Siemens AG Österreich
Internship / Developer

Developing a Wafer-Placement GUI with Qt and C++ for Infineon

Wiener Städtische Versicherung

Accident- and damage department

Informatik im Gesundheitsverbund der Stadt Wien

Introducing and installing the e-card system in hospitals of vienna


Technical University Vienna
2010 - 2017
HTL Donaustadt
2004 - 2009
Network Technologies